Research Group Activities - Electron Devices

In this field, the main topics of interest have concerned the physics and reliability of sub-micron MOSFETs and Non-Volatile Memories.
In particular, significant work has been done on latch-up, hot carriers transport and induced transistor degradation, device modeling and characterization.

On the theoretical side, the Group has developed (analitical and numerical) models and simulators required to understand and interpret the results of experiments and characterizations.
This work has included pioneering studies of:
As for device characterization, the work done comprises the development of original techniques such as, for instance, frequency resolved spectroscopy (used to investigate the energy distribution of hot carriers in MOSFETs), AC techniques for the extraction of parasitic elements from I-V characteristics of MOS devices, methods to determine oxide thickness, transistor parasitic resistances and capacitances and gate depletion of deep sub-micron MOS structures.

Together with deep submicron MOS transistors, Non-Volatile Memories (EPROM; EEPROMs and Flash) with all their aspects (performance, reliability, programming methods, architectures, applications,...) have represented a major source of research topics in the area of electron devices.

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