Microelectronics Research Group - People 


Bruno Riccò  
Full Professor 

Luca Benini  
Associate Professor 

Massimo Lanzoni  
Associate Professor 

Cecilia Metra  
Assistant Professor 



Ph.D. Students 

Davide Brunelli

Davide Bruni

José Manuel Cazeaux

Elisabetta Farella

Marco Grossi

Carlotta Guiducci

Christine Nardini

Martin Omaña

Luigi Pasquali

Francesco Poletti

Daniele Rossi

Claudio Stagni 

Federico Angiolini 


Research Associates 

Andrea Acquaviva
also Assistant Professor at the University of Urbino

Davide Bertozzi
Post Doctoral fellow

Augusto Pieracci
Research Consultant

Mirko Loghi
also PhD student at the University of Verona

Elisa Ficarra
also PhD student at the Politecnico of Torino

Daniele Masotti
also PhD student at the Politecnico of Torino

Luca Schiano
also PhD candidate at Northeastern University

Past Members of the Group 

Please note that not all the people involved in microelectronic research have been listed here. Please visit also the site http://www.micro.deis.unibo.it.

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