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Microelectronics Research Group


From the origin...

The Micrel Group has a long and successful history in research (and teaching) in the field of microelectronics, that started with electron devices and has been progressively extended to cover systems and applications.
Initial activities were dedicated to device physics and technology, with particular emphasis on CMOS ICs and Non Volatile memories . Successively, recognizing the need move its main interest on system architectures, design and applications, the Group started to work on IC reliability and testing, including also high level subjects such as fault tolerance and safe computing.
At the same time, research was started also on low power ICs, considering technology as well as design issues.
More recently, the research activity has necessarily been extended to cover important applications areas, such as in particular wireless communications, that plays a dominant role as far as power consumption and performance of digital systems. In this broad area, MultiMedia an Virtual Reality applications as well as sensor networks have been addressed.
As for the physical side of interests, the research has moved towards sensors, with particular regard to detection and recognition of bio-molecules of interest for medicines (such as, in particular DNA).
A substantial effort in electronics instrumentation has always accompanied the Group research activity.
As for organization, the Micrel Group is organized into different subject-groups, each headed by a Principal Investigator and all coordinated by Professor Bruno Riccò.
Fruitful and intense collaborations are established with other universities and research institutes across Europe and USA.
The Micrel Group is formed by a number of very capable, dedicated and brilliant young scientists, that represent its real asset and richness.




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